Exclusive Interview: @OrganikHipHop Talks Drake’s Involvement In Upcoming #BO5 Event & More

unnamed - Exclusive Interview: @OrganikHipHop Talks Drake's Involvement In Upcoming #BO5 Event & More

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Drake & OVO would be joining forces with KingOfTheDot for “Blackout 5” – a 2 day battle event on February 7th & 8th in his hometown of Toronto. Shortly after the news broke out, Bo1-1da.net got a chance to chop it up with KOTD founder and president Organik to discuss Drake’s involvement in the event, what goes into planning these battes and more. Check it out below and be sure to go to KOTDTV.com for ticket/PPV info.

So let’s get right into the obvious question, how is Drake & OVO involved with the event?

Organik: Drake is about involved as he can be. He’s helped select the match ups, set them up with me and been in the for long ride for the entirety of this event. We really wanted to bring something special to Toronto for BLACKOUT5

How long and what goes into planning an event of this magnitude?

Organik: An event like BLACKOUT5 is usually a 6 month set up from beginning to end. If you include post production It can be around 9 months in total. Their is so much that goes into planning these events since they arn’t your typical regular show. You need to contact all the rappers, negotiate prices, opponents, organize the marketing strategy, everything from micro managing staff to travel arrangements, and so so much more. Im not even gonna get into the financial aspect of it all lol.

Now “Blackout 5” marks the return of Mad Child, Dumbfounded, Bishop Brigante & more. As a fan, which rapper are you most excited to see step back on stage and why?

Organik: Personally Im probably most excited to see Bishop’s return. Growing up in Toronto and pursuing battle rap he really set the pace for us all. Bishop is a legend in the city and not by folktale, he actually put in the work to be respected in that sense. Now, multiple years later, I truly feel his talents have only grown stronger and this format of battling suits his style much better. He’s a natural entertainer & a smart person. Hes sat back been involved and observed how to approach this. I think he’s gonna shock alot of people come BLACKOUT5

From the alleyways to the biggest venues in Toronto, is it surreal to look back on everything KOTD has accomplished?

Organik: Of course, but to be honest, I try not to focus on what we’ve done and just focus on what we can do. I have an incredible team behind me. They keep the wheels turning on this machine. Im grateful to have the people I do on my side. Were only going up from here.

How can fans watch the event?

Organik: Fans can watch this event live @ The Queen Elizabeth Theatre on February 7th & 8th or by PPV which can be ordered at KOTDTV.com.

What’s next for KingOfTheDot?

Organik: What isnt? Keep watching!

unnamed 1 - Exclusive Interview: @OrganikHipHop Talks Drake's Involvement In Upcoming #BO5 Event & More


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