Indie Artist FAQ

You Posted My Material. Why Didn’t I Make The Indie Playlist?

We post a lot of dope indie material daily. As you can imagine, selecting only 15 tracks is difficult. Besides making a really dope track, we also encourage you to share your material with your fans, and have them hit the “like” button. We often reference the top liked indie submissions when selecting the 15 for the playlist.

How Can I Get My Submission On The Homepage?

For each indie submission a indie-button button will be displayed. The submissions with the most amount of “likes” each month will be displayed in the sidebar area of the home page, and all post pages.

We encourage all artists to share their post with their fans to increase their “like” count.

What Happens If An Artist Pays For Fake Likes?

We take this serious, as we want all likes to be organic, and from the support of their real fanbase. We monitor likes regularly, and if we suspect an artist is buying fake likes, we may remove their post and no longer accept their material.

How Do I Submit My Music To The Website.

Simple. Visit our contact page and submit to our writers.

Why Haven’t I Received A Response After Submitting Material?

Please understand that we receive a large amount of submissions daily, especially to our general submission box. If you haven’t heard back, we either didn’t feel your submission was a fit for the website, or we simply missed your e-mail. However, if you didn’t hear a response, do not re-send your e-mail.