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If you would like to advertise/promote on our Twitter account, please email promo @

Why advertise on @boi1dacom?

Our verified Twitter account currently has over 230,000 followers, with a majority of our followers residing in the United States. These are mostly fans/supporters of Hip-Hop and Boi-1da, who actively engage with our content.

How does it work?

We post engaging content that has the potential to go viral, beyond our follower network. We will post a viral meme, quote, video, and then create a threaded post with your content. This can be a music video, a link to your website, soundcloud, iTunes, etc. Because these posts attract a lot of eyes, our followers read comments from other users and will see your threaded content.

How much exposure will I get?

Each of our engaging posts receive anywhere from around 30,000 impressions to over 200,000 impressions, with the potential to receive much more if they go viral. The amount will vary.

What are impressions?

This is the amount of times our engaging post is displayed on Twitter feeds.

Is this Twitter-based promotion only?

No, we can also write a short blog post and feature it on, if requested, at no additional charge.

How much does it cost to advertise on @boi1dacom?

Contact us to discuss our promotional rates. Email: promo @