Nobody Got Hurt, But A$AP Rocky’s Injured Generation Tour Revived Us

As he touches down in North Carolina tonight, and after our pseudo-PTSD from that mask subsided, we’re ready to share somme of the best moments captured from A$AP Rocky’s Injured Generation, which took place at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto.

The sold-out crowd listened to every word and respected the rules: MOSH, a sign read from time to time. The Harlem native performed in a crash test dummy consuming, which was a concept developed for his 2018 album Testing. Opening with “A$AP Forever”, he “drove” through his music, from “Yamborghini High” to “Babushka”, and of course, psychedelic crowd pleasers like “LSD” and “Wild For The Night”. Rocky also took a moment to shine a light on his fellow A$AP Mob members, like Ferg’s “Plain Jane”. After closing out with “Long Live A$AP,” Rocky — for one reason or another — decided to follow his fans into the open lobby, causing a massive uproar that was part dangerous, part ridiculous, but all the way charming.

Photos captured by Tse Daniel.


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