Bas Leaves Toronto Feening After Toronto ‘Milky Way’ Tour Stop

TD1 8071 copy 620x414 - Bas Leaves Toronto Feening After Toronto 'Milky Way' Tour Stop

After three weeks of being away, my very jetlagged, winter-deniying self made my first steps out of my house to Bas’ ‘Milky Way’ tour stop at the Opera House. Fortuantely, the energy in the venue was so high that my yawns subsided for the first time in days.

That’s all to say that Bas’ (as well as Rexx Life Raj, who we caught performing on Pharrell’s ComplexCon stage last year) knows how to put on a show. Whether he’s smoking on stage (and subsequently being berated by lighters and spliffs), dancing through his own songs to an impressively lit stage a la Milky Way or simply rapping exactly like songs sound in the studio, Bas’ consistency is definitely to be admired.

Photos: Tse Daniel


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