Introducing Julian Thomas and FrancisGotHeat-Produced ‘i can’t trust it’ Project

Julian Thomas   All Eyez Publicity Photo 2  Buruk Kebedom   High res 2018 620x580 - Introducing Julian Thomas and FrancisGotHeat-Produced  'i can’t trust it' Project

It could be said that artists in Toronto are as quiet and mysterious as the dominating sounds of the city, and Sony Music’s latest homegrown artist Julian Thomas is no exception. Though he’s released a few singles over the years, today he starts a new journey to 2019 with longtime collaborator FrancisGotHeat by releasing the two-track project i can’t trust it.

While the project carries a bold statement through its name, Thomas expresses it’s not what you may think. “i can’t trust it isn’t necessarily me saying I can’t trust people — even though the shit’s not easy, we know — but that paired with the fact that my heart and my mind war enough on a daily basis was kind of like me finding the calm between the two extremes, and charging whatever void feelings I have to the past.”

Explaining the recording process for the more somber “So Long,” Thomas admits that he “was going through a rough time where I was actually sober for about 45 days earlier this year.”

In contrast, he notes despite being recorded at the same time, “Time On Their Hands” reflects a different reality. “Obviously my mood had shifted,” he says. “You’re just hearing me getting my mind right, really. I outline some micro-aggressive triggers for me within the industry. It’s a bop though!”

Though you have to have tough skin to make it through the music industry – especially in Toronto, Thomas isn’t too concerned – in fact, he’s ready for the challenge.

“The culture within the city is so rich and strong these days. We’ve always been bold [but] we’re just not as quiet anymore, and I think that transcends musically. I’m right in between the OG’s and the young guys that been doin’ it here, so I stay inspired and try to offer up the same in any capacity.”

Listen to both “Time On Their Hands” and “So Long” below, which is available on all streaming platforms here.


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