Welcome to Astroworld, Toronto: Travis Scott Concert Review

It’s easy to say that the rollout of Travis Scott’s Astroworld has allowed us to bring out our inner kid yearning for theme parks, fireworks, carnivals and trouble — and his tour, ‘Astroworld Tour: Wish You Were Here’ was no different.

Though we saw him a few months back with Drake, the Houston artist came mostly solo (with the exception of Nav and opener Gunna) and delivered an energy that is nearly impossible without guests. Equipped with a suspended roller coaster, Scott not only invited a fan to ride in it with him, but throughout the night he engaged with fans directly — which, considering many rappers can’t even do that in a 500-person venue, is something special in a nearly 20,000-person arena.

Overall, if you put all your childhood dreams into one concert, it’d be this one. Welcome to Astroworld.


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