Junglepussy Brought All the Power to Her Recent Toronto Concert

Just as the weather started to get unruly cold, Junglepussy heated up the Radio (fka Adelaide Hall) on October 15th to one of the most engaged and enjoyable crowds we’ve seen in a minute.

But maybe Junglepussy has Toronto rapper Syndanie (who should add comedian to her list life roles, which already includes mom) and Bay Area singer Rayanna Jay to thank for that, both of whom brought such charisma and charm to the stage alongside their women DJs that it was hard to not match it.

Or maybe it was resident DJ for the night Dre Ngozi who got everyone into the right mood before Junglepussy hit the stage. Or maybe, just maybe, it was simply being a room full of badass women and femmes that brought such pure energy to the venue. So of course, when the New York rapper came out performing both old and new singles [and who was also wearing Toronto designer Michael Kale, mind you], it was received with the highest joy —as it should be.


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