A Night With DVSN and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for Toronto’s Red Bull Music Festival

As the Red Bull Music Festival takes over Toronto for the week, an incredibly historic night already happened on Friday night. To a sold-out Roy Thompson Hall, home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, DVSN broke out the cummerbund and dress shoes to perform for their hometown.

It’s safe to say that for many of us, it was not only the first time being in the prestigious [high-class, slightly inacce$$ible] venue, but also the first time we ever imaged that a Toronto R&B group would be able to play an entire show with the TSO.

Performing music from Sept. 5th, Morning After and covers of Frank Ocean and Maxwell, Daniel Daley poured his heart out on the stage, as Nineteen85 oversaw the show from afar. And unlike mos
t events that occur in that venue, there was dancing, singing along and endless soul. It was our night, and a historic one at that.

Check out the pictures courtesy of Red Bull below.


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