Presents: Indie Selects Vol. 6 Featuring A.M. SNiPER, Natalie, JAG, MHD & More

IMG 3868 620x347 - Presents: Indie Selects Vol. 6 Featuring A.M. SNiPER, Natalie, JAG, MHD & More

Returning to the pages is the sixth installment of Indie Selects. This week’s selection was no easy task. With the summer temperatures rising, artists are coming from all ends of the planet with their summer vibes. This week’s playlist features artists like A.M. SNiPER, Natalie, JAG, MHD & More.

Delivering an incredible visual, laden with special effects, intense colour and impeccable detail, UK artist A.M. SNiPER sets his brand new video apart and stamps both class and business all over it as “SUPREME.”  Collaborating with Ayo Beatz for both the production and a feature on the record, A.M. SNiPER reveals another new look in his ever-evolving appearance. Looking svelte, relaxed and uber chic, the rapper flips from the mysterious as he’s seen bandana clad in a designer jacket to donning a gold grill, in a kicked back denim style, enhancing the visual vibe and overall aesthetic of this masterpiece. Watch the visual here.

03 Greedo and Nef The Pharaoh are gearing up to release a joint EP, Porter2Grape that’ll be coming out this Friday!  Unveiling the first single “Ball Out” featuring ALLBLACK, it’s a legendary collab and a testament to the outrageous level of talent coming out of the West Coast right now. It’s also one of the final projects to be released from 03 Greedo before he begins his 20-year prison term.

Natalie’s new project SHAMEFUL bleeds innovation. The genre-skewing EP finds inspiration in hip-hop, EDM, and techno, blending these sounds into a euphoric mix of distorted, yet elegant, tunes that stand out like a sore thumb. Each cut, with the exception of “Signs” with FRIDVYFLX’s co-producer credit, was solely produced by the singer, with her getting the chance to flex her producing capabilities just as well as her more than capable singing ones. A project standout for me was “Cancer” featuring MAXXX.


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