The Sum-Up: Kanye West Loves Ebro, Lil Wayne With The GOAT, Chris Rock ‘Uncle-Zoned’ By Rihanna, & More


Kanye West Tells Hot97’s Ebro ‘I Love You’

Kanye West Calls Ebro Simply To Say ‘I Love You’

The Story
Yesterday, Ebro of New York’s Hot97 revealed on air that he had a conversation with Kanye West, defending his support of Candace Owens. According to Ebro, Kanye also stated that he loved Donald Trump. Well, today Kanye decided to call up to Hot97, in what you may have assumed would be a defensive response to the matter. Instead, a calm Kanye simply said to Ebro, “I love you.” While it was apparent that Ebro expected things to go in a completely different direction, Kanye continued answering each question by expressing his love for the radio-personality. Kanye finally ended the exchange by letting Ebro know they can meet privately to discuss anything further.

Candace Owens is a 28-year old conservative activist who is known for her opposition of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

To be honest, I’m just looking forward to new music from Ye’.


Lil’ Wayne Is The G.O.A.T. In New Bumbu Commercial

Lil’ Wayne stars in latest commercial for Bumbu Rum

The Story
Bumbu Rum has just released a new commercial starring Young Money rapper/boss Lil’ Wayne. In the 35 second clip, we’re taken inside a very lit house party, with beautiful women, Lil’ Wayne…and a goat. Watch the clip here.

Fun Fact
The commercial was directed by Eif Rivera, who has a long resume of short films and music videos under his belt.


Chris Rock Got ‘Uncle-Zoned’ by Rihanna

The comedian shares about the time Rihanna friend-zoned him.

The Story
Chris Rock made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night to discuss his upcoming movie on Netflix. During the sit-down, Chris shared a story about how he once tried to shoot his shot with Rihanna, but apparently his advances didn’t register with the pop star. Watch his hilarious take on what transpired, below.


Kevin Hart stars in J. Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” Visual

The Story
J. Cole is out here breaking streaming records while continuing to give us new content from the project, KOD. Kevin Hart lends his services to star in the hilarious visuals, touching on the struggles of fame and temptation.

Remind Me
Last year Kevin received backlash for the infidelity in his marriage. While he initially denied it, he later admitted to having “a bad error in judgement.”


YG Starts Countdown

Countdown appears on rapper’s official website.

The Story
Los Angeles emcee YG has launched a countdown ticker on his website, which we assume will lead to the release of his next project “Stay Dangerous.” The countdown expires next Tuesday, May 1st. This would be the third studio album released by the rapper.

Tell Me More
YG announced back in February that he has a new project dropping soon. The project was revealed to be titled “Stay Dangerous,” with that being all the information provided at the time.

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