Underground Fire: We Spoke To Booggz About His Latest Single, “Fighting Demons”

booggz 1 620x414 - Underground Fire: We Spoke To Booggz About His Latest Single, "Fighting Demons"

Toronto rapper Booggz, who recently released his single “Fighting Demons,” has been picking up steam for a minute, and with its accompanying video directed by Iyaz Siddiqi, we decided to sit down with him to talk about it. “[On] the day of my video shoot for the “Noose,” I had an early morning studio session. That’s when I banged out “Fighting Demons,” and actually shot parts of the video on the “Noose” set,” he says.

The video tales place in both a kitchen setting and winter forest (somewhere OT), sporting lyrics which highlight the young artist’s struggle when it comes to “Fighting Demons,” amongst other things young kids are faced with in these streets. Though this song is representative of them all, it also sends out a positive message of fighting ones darkest moments and overcoming them. Through art and music, artists often escape to a place where hope for a brighter and better future is never lost, and for this Toronto rapper, that’s exactly what music is.

We had a chat about all of these things in the hopes of understanding the music and this interview is the outcome of it.

“Before we start this interview just want to say thanks for the opportunity and that “Fighting Demons” is out now on all platforms and my project Father Figure on the way,” Booggz proudly states. Diving into how he first started making music, he says, ““My Black Challenger” came out 3 years ago so I would say about 4 years but I always toyed with rap and music as I was growing up”

Life was “good like any other normal human being growing up in poverty,” he tells us. “Growing up I had 3 aspirations that would leave me satisfied it was Rapping, Basketball or the Streets Big drug king pen or sum. Clearly I went with being a rapper since my love for music is unconditional.”

As the spotlight on Canada stays strong, Boogzz expresses that there’s good and bad being under it. “It’s a good feeling when you popping since right now, there’s such a light on Toronto and Canada as a norm, but if you ain’t, then it doesn’t really mean nothing to you unless you use it as an advantage for motivational purposes. Some people to go hard while the spotlight is on you like myself.”

While Booggzz is no stranger to collaborations, he considers their importance a key piece to being successful. “That’s how you get on,” he states. “I wouldn’t be here if the city didn’t rock with me but sometimes it’s different in other people’s cases they might get popping somewhere else that’s not their own city so it varies to be honest. I would say keep pushing even if your city ain’t showing you love.”

And in his off time? Well, Booggz reveals that outside of the studio, anime has caught his attention — “I’ve had the anime bug, so the last movie I watched was one of the Inuyasha movies. That’s one of my fav anime shows.”


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