Toronto’s Lil Berete Brings The Community Together For “Northside” Video

Screen Shot 2018 03 26 at 12.30.08 PM 620x260 - Toronto’s Lil Berete Brings The Community Together For “Northside” Video

At just 16-years, Toronto’s Lil Berete has been quietly and quickly growing a fanbase over the past few years, making noise and setting off A&R alarms across North America. Coming out of Regent Park, one of Canada’s largest and oldest housing projects, Berete’s reality raps touch on the hardness of the streets, but also speaks to the resilience of its community, creating a duality that’s not only reflective but raw.

Following the release of “Southside” earlier this year, Lil Berete has returned with its accompanying video “Northside,” which has less to do with directions, but more to do with bringing together together sides of Regent Park who’ve been at war internally for years.

Directed by King Bee, the video presents the “familiar faces of his gritty area” and “the names of his fallen friends painted across his chest,” while Lil Berete speaks out in his most vulnerable single to date.

Alongside the video, Lil Berete has announced his first official concert, which is one of several announcements to be made in 2018.


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