J. Rabon Releases “Flawless” Music Video

Screen Shot 2018 03 06 at 12.14.45 PM 620x325 - J. Rabon Releases "Flawless" Music Video

J. Rabon is no newcomer to the entertainment industry. He has been performing since the age of 9 when his mother saw potential in his dance skills and put him in training. Since then, he has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and more.

J. Rabon says, “I’ve always seen myself in the foreground, even when I started dancing background for these artists. I always made sure to pay attention to every detail from what they wore to how they performed.”

Today J. Rabon hits our pages with his visual release for “Flawless.” Shot gorilla style, the video takes viewers to Downtown LA. J. Rabon’s performance in the video marks a standout moment for the artist. He shows that he is much more than a rapper, but a performer and an artist by incorporating his dance skills.


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