SanFran’s Frak Drops New Project, ‘Limewire ’03’

Screen Shot 2018 01 24 at 1.37.48 PM 620x620 - SanFran's Frak Drops New Project, 'Limewire '03'

San Francisco musician Frak unveils his brand new body of work, Limewire ’03, an album that turns to heavy sampling of early 2000’s R&B records bringing up that y2k nostalgia. While that’s the sound, lyrically, this project does a lot of touching basis on themes of tech accessibility and the way it affects our day-to-day lives.

Limewire, of course, was one of the internet’s first bootlegging softwares. It marked an age where anything in the world had become accessible to us through technology and how it has affected us and our physical spaces. A lot has changed since the Limewire days, but take a listen to the album below to get a feel of what’s in the future for this Cali artist.


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