Cam’ron Envisions His Dream Bodega on Cinematic TV’s New Series “Tightest _____ Ever”

unnamed 4 7 620x360 - Cam'ron Envisions His Dream Bodega on Cinematic TV's New Series "Tightest _____ Ever"
For the inaugural episode of Cinematic TV’s catchy new series Tightest _______ Ever, the one and only Cam’ron joined the set to talk about what his dream bodega would entail, aka the “Tightest Bodega Ever.” From the name of the one-stop shop, to its prime location, to most importantly what the menu will have to offer, the New York veteran – who knows a thing or two about bodegas – breaks it down crystal clear for us. Are you all in on a Hollywood Hills bodega that serves everything from chopped cheeses, to moon rock, to clip-on nails? Then Cam’s (hard-to-pronounce) spot is just for you.
Jonny Shipes and Cinematic Music Group re-launched Cinematic TV this year featuring a ton of new content from the Cinematic team and beyond. So far this year we’ve seen the launch of multiple new series’ including Wrestling With Strains featuring Smoke DZAwhere the weed-loving rapper compares his favorite marijuana strains to his favorite wrestlers. Cinematic also launched Four More Years, an interview series where different artists talk about what their 4-year presidential term would look like and how things would run. The first two guests for that were CyHI The Prynce and Bia, who each have unique plans.


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