Lil Wayne Drops Possible D6: Reloaded Track “Bloody Mary” with Juelz Santana

lil wayne bloody mary - Lil Wayne Drops Possible D6: Reloaded Track “Bloody Mary” with Juelz Santana

What do you get when you mix I Can’t Feel My Face with 2Pac? Don’t know? Well, I’m here to break it down.

It is I, the former No-Fi King, Speed on the Beat (shameless plug) back in the Boi-1da spot. I had to dust off my keyboard and talk about this recent collaboration between Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana. Now, we know that Wayne’s been going in his bag on the last few tracks he’s dropped. For instance, his “Family Feud” remix with Drake was probably better than the original (which was a pretty tall mountain to climb). However, this recent collaboration takes me back to the days I rocked a durag and oversized white tees in Baltimore trying to find the newness off Limewire, DatPiff, and Soundclick rips. I’m talking those days when I’d crush on certain pink jacket-wearing girls and try to make my own music in my room while my mom was downstairs, re-watching Hustle & Flow for the hundredth time.

Nostalgia aside, both artists give it their all and Wayne doesn’t disappoint with this latest onslaught of bars. This is another instance of Wayne (and Juelz) hijacking a beat and making it their own. Now, no, that’s not to say it erases the memory of the classic “Hail Mary.” That’s Pac, so not too much can erase his presence from a song. However, this is a great collaboration and features Wayne just snapping like he used to. These recent releases definitely have me excited for a D6: Reloaded release and I’m impatiently waiting for it even more so after “Bloody Mary.” Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


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