Foster The People Take Over Fans’ Instagram Feeds with “Sit Next to Me” Video

unnamed 3 7 620x318 - Foster The People Take Over Fans' Instagram Feeds with "Sit Next to Me" Video

Foster The People shares a new interactive version of the video for their current single “Sit Next To Me.” The personalized video is best viewed on mobile, as it recreates and simulates your scrolling Instagram feed.  After signing into your account, the video begins and the content in the feed looks relatively normal – showcasing your personal photos intermixed with influencers (Fuck Jerry, Overheard LA) and typical Instagram tropes. However, over time the feed becomes hijacked by the music video as the various accounts sing, dance and move to the beat of the track. Your personal Instagram photos appear throughout the video, often with the song’s lyrics written in text over them.  At the end of the experience, you can share one of your pictures that has been transformed by the song. Fans can experience the interactive video at Peep its YouTube version below!


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