Langston Francis Blends Sounds On “FCKD IT UP”

Screen Shot 2017 12 18 at 3.50.17 PM 620x612 - Langston Francis Blends Sounds On "FCKD IT UP"

Toronto-born not one of the post-Drake transplants, Langston Francis just released his debut single “FCKD IT UP”. With a strong synth and electronic and bass-heavy beats, Langston’s distinct musical style show his musical ability as a skilled performer.

The video for “FCKD IT UP” , is produced by Gavin Sheppard (Quiet As Kept, The Remix Project) and directed by Elliot Clancy Osberg (Roy Woods, Anders). It was filmed on VHS tape (incorporating iPhone footage and still photography) and reflects Langston’s experiences living in Toronto.


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