Sick Wid It Records Rapper King Hot Drops Music Video For “Poppin” Ft AD;

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Raised in a small but funky town just 15 minutes north of Oakland, Bay Area rapper King Hot grew up with big shoes to fill when it comes to the rap game. Not only did King Hot grow up residing in the hometown of rap legends E-40, Mac Dre and Mac Mal, but this up and coming talent is the biological cousin of the aforementioned Bay Area OG, E-40.

“Being around him is just like any cousin, we just cool, that’s Big Cousin. He raised us and I was always around the house and in the streets with him. We’d go to vacations together, we would shoot dice together, so to me he’s my family like that – he’s cousin, he’s not just E-40,” King Hot explained.

Any one asking for a DNA test need only take one glance at King Hot to see he bears a striking resemblance to his cousin 40. But despite the often mentioned resemblance, King Hot is determined to carve out his own path in the game with his music.
“My name comes from Hot Fingers, and it ended up getting shortened to Hot, but I got my name because I used to like to shoot a lot. I still shoot a lot, but I used to have a temper so they called me Hot,” King Hot said. “I’m a trap rapper but I try to do it in an artistic way. I’m not looking for just singles, but I try to make it so every song could be a single.”

“I got started when was in a group called the DB’z during the Hyphy movement when I was a lot younger, but since then I’ve released a lot of music,” King Hot said. “The March Madness project hosted by DJ Carisma was a big project for me and really did well for me with features from Nef the Pharaoh, Cousin Fik, Philthy Rich and of course E-40.”

“When I do albums I try to make everything a single but I got a song called Smoke with SOB x RBE on it – I used the old Dopeman beat and people have been loving that song – it’s really starting to pick up with the DJs. I also got a joint with Sada Baby out of Detroit and he’ really goin up. Everything he does usually gets like a million views, so I got him on a new project and I still got my Cali niggas on there like AD and our song Poppin. ”


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