Wasiu Calls On Kaytranada, High Classified, Tommy Kruise & More For ‘MTLiens 2’

1509906878 d38cab92b9786b70b720f277255d7237 - Wasiu Calls On Kaytranada, High Classified, Tommy Kruise & More For 'MTLiens 2'

Back in 2015, I was taken aback by Montreal spitter Wasiu and his project MTLiens – not just because I heard of very few Montreal rap projects, but because overall it was hot as hell. Fast-foward to 2017, and the MTLien has returned with the second instalment of the project, featuring the Dead Obies, Kaytranada, Tommy Kruise, High Classified and more. Take this in, as well as the first project, because Wasiu is about to be here for a while.

“In Montreal, we know who our stars are. They’re the producers or beatmakers, and the Franglais/Frenglish/French Rappers. I wanted to bring our spotlight and share it with the rest of the world, so they could be familiar with our scene. A lot of artists they’re already familiar with, but they haven’t connected the dots together to realize that they’re all from the same place.

So I went out and got most of the veterans and pieces whom make the scene what it is. I couldn’t get everyone, but I think I got a good 96% of them. Everybody on MTLiens 2 for sure makes any “Best Artists From Montreal” list that any blog may post in the future. And that’s what this all is… Yeah, it’s my album- but it’s more than just that…It’s an MTL Album. It’s MTL United under 1 Roof. This is Piu Piu. This is Artbeat.” – Wasiu


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