Joyner Lucas Shut Down His First Canadian Show For The 508 Tour

TD1 3418 copy 620x414 - Joyner Lucas Shut Down His First Canadian Show For The 508 Tour

Joyner Lucas may be one of the biggest underdogs that have come out this year, and we’re not saying that because Boi-1da had a hand in his 2017 album, 508-507-2209 – but rather because he’s dope as fuck.

In a packed Drake Underground, die-hard fans gathered to see their 29-year old Massachusetts rap hero live in the flesh for his first show on Canadian soil. In comparison to the album, Joyner’s voice was a little grittier, a little deeper and incredibly commanding. He surfed through the album, as well as day one cuts, to a well received crowd, astonishing them with his lightening bolt bar-for-bar deliveries – almost like a modern-day E-40, if you will.

What truly stood out, however, was his connection to his fans. After singing “I’m Sorry,” a song about mental illness and suicide, Joyner called up four fans on stage to speak about how the song has affected them, and gotten them through life’s ultimate challenges – friends who had killed themselves or died in accidents, alcoholism, bad childhoods, etc. The somber moment didn’t kill the vibe, but rather brought everyone closer together. And together they remained, as Joyner continued going through the album before jumping into the middle of the crowd to sing “Forever,” a song about his son, while looking at the visual nearby.

Heartwarming, heated and full of power, Joyner Lucas is one to watch now, and for a long time to come.

With the minimal lighting there was, Tse Daniel took some pictures.


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