Florida Rapper Rhino Is “Mr. Flex Alot” On New Track

unnamed 4 1 620x620 - Florida Rapper Rhino Is "Mr. Flex Alot" On New Track

Up and coming rapper Rhino just released his latest single “Mr Flexalot” which showcases the Miami area rapper’s ability to hone his craft and deliver a fresh sounding product.

The song is a farewell to the Suummer anthem, and provides vibes that showcase’s Rhino’s braggadocios persona, yet the track offers a sonically sound and cohesive package.

Rhino has been making waves locally in Miami, but recently relocated to LA for a while as he look to expand past the state of Florida. Armed with the power of social media and and production from Dez Wright, Rhino hopes this new single gives fans a little idea of what he can bring to the table for rap.


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