Exclusive Video: Producer Preizdent Jeff Dives Into The Making Of Roy Wood$’ Major Hit, “Instinct”

static1.squarespace - Exclusive Video: Producer Preizdent Jeff Dives Into The Making Of Roy Wood$' Major Hit, "Instinct"

Like many Toronto producers in the city, there’s a sense of mystery surrounding who they are, where they’re from, and even how they get to working with some of the biggest names in rap music – yet everyone has their own unique story. For Prezident Jeff, his story is hardly just beginning, but following a series of culmination of several collaborations with big named artists like MajidJordan, Little Simz and Wiz Khalifah, it’s apparent that it’s not even close to being finished.

Influenced by Ghana’s highlight music during his childhood, Prezident Jeff started making music in highschool, taking what he’d come to know from his culture and mixing it with contemporary sounds – as well as those that centre around Toronto. “There are so many different cultures, flavours and energies to vibe with – its hard not to be inspired,” he says. Using FL Studio 11, Omnisphere 2, a RME Babyface Pro and, of course, his laptop. Prezident Jeff has managed to create his distinct sound using the quirkiness of 80s music, hard hitting drums and contagious melodies.

As a Boi-1da.com premiere, we’ve teamed up with Prezident Jeff to go behind the scenes of Roy Wood$’ “Instinct,” a cut that’s kept Toronto (and across America) floating all summer long. The bouncy cut, which also features MadeInTYO, was made up with a formula that, as Jeff explains in the video, can’t even really be replicated – but at least you can get the inside details through ‘The Making Of’ beat video exclusive.


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