California Artist Cola Empathizes With Those Who May Simply Need “Someone To Talk To”

Cola’s forthcoming project, “House Shoes” serves as an autobiography fueled by anxiety and a desire to escape his current circumstances. Though his platform isn’t quite fulfilled min reaching its potential (yet), and the masses haven’t had the opportunity to hear all the many messages that dwell in his music, he still absolutely has something to say.

California’s very own is a budding artist that has taken on the art of creating music to channel his aggressions–those of which many can relate to. He’s never really opened up about his own personal mental heath dealings, so his recent vulnerable moment via IG, as well as his latest release, “Someone To Talk To” comes in as something special. These are the issues he doesn’t talk about enough.. and if he did, he could be an artist, but more importantly, a human being that could help save lives. Listening is such a powerful thing to do and so is opening up and being vulnerable. Cola’s new release is simply a message to tell you, the listener, that if you’re going through some sh*t, you’re not alone.. and if you’re at peace, somebody (probably very close to you) isn’t. This new drop is a push to encourage and support the ones that need you.

“I’m super fucking excited for the future and if you’ve been supporting me & my art, this isn’t even the beginning yet.. so thank you for not giving up on me, even when i wanted to give up on myself” – Cola

Listen below.


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