Detroit’s Mike Melinoe Releases Trippy Visuals for “Begonia”

mikemelinoebegonia 620x249 - Detroit's Mike Melinoe Releases Trippy Visuals for "Begonia"

Indie artist Mike Melinoe hasn’t been one to shy away from hallucinogenic-esque videos and imagery over the course of his still-young career. However, the jerky visuals of “Begonia,” named after the multicolored flower of the same name, are some of his best yet. As the focuses shift between subjects and people, Mike chants “Suicide, take the time/do or die, save a life/ you and I were made to cry/choose a side and restrain to fight/ let’s unify to save a life” to reflect the duality of emotional issues and concerns with a fast cut between life and death. The track cuts from a police sting, to robbers contemplating their next move, to a flower field and everywhere in between to reflect the various emotions contained in the song. This is all while Melinoe acts as the omnipotent narrator and a subject of the video in of himself. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all of its forms.


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