Indie Artist HEYITSLUKA Wants You to Call Him “Papi Chulo”

2017 07 19 16.32.47 618x620 - Indie Artist HEYITSLUKA Wants You to Call Him "Papi Chulo"

Fresh from Luka’s upcoming EP of the same name, “Papi Chulo” is a pretty tasty jam, if I do say so myself. This one is definitely for the summer, with the laidback vibes to the production (which Luka helmed along with the mixing and mastering) screaming “welcome back to the summertime. Enjoy the ride.”

Additionally, anyone who knows a lick of Spanish knows that calling someone “Papi Chulo” is like calling them the Mac Daddy of Them All. So, while that’s a bit boisterous, Luka, on this track, proceeds to back up why he deserves the nickname. He delivers with some smooth sing-songing and rapid-fire bars throughout the track. So, as I always say, check it out below and support dope music in all its forms. Without support, even from just one listener, indie music–and music as we know it–will cease to exist.


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