Stax Records Unveils a Special Vinyl Reissue of ‘John Gary Williams’

John Gary Williams  JGWRGB - Stax Records Unveils a Special Vinyl Reissue of 'John Gary Williams'

I’m secretly an old head at heart so when this news was sent my way, I knew I had to share! Known for his mellifluous vocals, soul singer/songwriter John Gary Williams rose to fame as the lead voice of Stax Records group, The Mad Lads (“Don’t Have to Shop Around,” “I Want Someone”). At the height of the band’s success, Williams was called to serve in the Vietnam War and when he returned home his newly discovered political consciousness led him down a different path altogether.

His powerful 1973 self-titled solo effort, John Gary Williams, presents both sides of a man who proved to be much more than just another soul singer, one who delivered a message that still resonates today.

This classic LP from the waning days of the Stax Empire has been reissued, marking the first time the record will be in print on vinyl since its original 1973 release. The project was produced almost entirely by Williams with help from notable members of Isaac Hayes’ Movement. The album is available for order here.

Also check out the newly released lyric video for “The Whole Damn World is Going Crazy” below!


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