Exclusive Interview: Ugly God Reveals His Government Name, Talks Trash Music, Possible Beat Tape & More

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to check out Ugly God’s Same Pants Different Tour stop at New York City’s Irving Plaza. My arrival was met with a crowd of 1,000+ tween concertgoers chanting out, “THANKS UGLY GOD!”

When Ugly God finally hit the stage, I understood the reiteration of gratitude. His music is wildly disjointed, combining phrases and scenarios that aren’t cohesive, yet his music is still fun, memorable, and melodious. Although most of his fragments don’t make sense, that seems to be the fun of it all. In an era where hip-hop often seems to be smeared with overt drug usage and explicit and often sexist sexual references, Ugly God carves a corner that’s unique and uninhabited. He makes mention of silly, lighthearted things like “Bernie Sanders” and “Water”. He drops doltish lines about his Skechers, buying Skittles at Dollar General, and his unabashed attitude towards self stimulation (“I Beat My Meat”).

The 20-year-old college dropout proves to be distinctive when stacked against his rap counterparts. After a high-energy performance that involved throwing travel size lotion bottles at fans, spraying water into the crowd, and a surprise Rich the Kid performance, I was sold. That night, I had to sit down with the man himself and pick his brain some.

In an exclusive interview for Boi-1da.com, Ugly God unveils how he creates his self-described “trash music,” and also speaks to why he rocks fake jewelry (sorta), how Google has his name wrong, and even more important, if a potential beat tape is on the way.

Photo/Video by DVVINCI


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