Check Out Dutchboy’s “When I’m Not Around” Album

dutch 620x620 - Check Out Dutchboy's "When I'm Not Around" Album

If you are an avid Soundcloud user then I can almost guarantee Dutchboy is a name that you have came across in the past. That’s how I got familiar with his name and music and I am completely fine with that. Don’t get me wrong it’s a bonus to have a relationship with artists but sometimes it’s a blessing to just enjoy the music offered us.

Anyway, earlier this week the Jersey native dropped his new project wWhen I’m Not Around, backed by singles such as “Excited” with Omarion and “West Ting”. The album has been sat on my Soundcloud for a few days but I have only today got around to peeping it. It’s pretty much what I expected in regards to the direction of the music, I mean Dutchboy has a formula that has not lost yet so I don’t blame him one bit. The production throughout is varied and Dutch switches up styles to match, showing real versatility.

Peep the project below, “Stress” is probably an early favourite of mine. Purchase the album over here.


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