#ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Bun B, Drake & Boi-1da “Put It Down”

drake - #ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Bun B, Drake & Boi-1da "Put It Down"

Can you believe Bun B’s Trill OG album is seven years old next August? Crazy right, that’s why I decided to take us back to it and it’s fitting to pick “Put It Down” that was officially released as a single four months after the albums release in August 2010.

To this day it’s one of my favourite Drake hooks and verses and one of my personal favourite Boi-1da instrumentals, probably third behind Kendrick’s “The Blacker The Berry” and Chip’s “25 Wives”. Drake’s admiration for Houston rap is no secret, even to this day he is paying homage to the legends of the H-Town and Bun B kind of took Drake under his wing early on in his career so let’s take things back to 2010 when the duo came together to “Put It Down”.


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