Exclusive Interview: Remy Boy Monty Talks Music & Prepping for ‘Monty Zoo 2’ Release

IMG 3976 620x427 - Exclusive Interview: Remy Boy Monty Talks Music & Prepping for 'Monty Zoo 2' Release

Paterson, NJ native Remy Boy Monty has etched his way into hip-hop’s soundscape off a signature sound, one that has been highly recognizable by its buoyant knocks and catchy hooks. His 2015 effort Monty Zoo, a 17-track tape, was solid from start to finish. Hits like “Witchu” and “Oochy Wally” ascertained to be strip club certified, traffic light approved, and overall sustenance to the ear.


As fourth quarter comes to a resolution, Monty prepares to usher in his latest effort Monty Zoo 2. What better time than to catch up with the young star.



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It’s a Friday night, and fall is tiptoeing into the Jersey air. I pay a visit to popular NJ recording studio So Amazin Studios where I am told a session is set to go down. I knock at the door and am greeted by Fetty Wap upon arrival. I quickly become acquainted with the atmosphere of the space. Monty is stationed at the soundboard, in the zone, bumping his head to a thumping instrumental. It is clear that he is prepping to hop in the booth at any moment now and lay down his lines.


Twenty others fill the room. They are friends and artists alike, all of whom make up the all-encompassing RGF collective. Cycles of blunts, cognac, and laughs circulate the room. The energy is there in totality, and as Monty shares with me in his interview, “We like to roll deep wherever we go.”


Listen to the full interview below!

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