Mack Davis Drops a Video for “After Dark”

Mack Davis After Dark 620x418 - Mack Davis Drops a Video for "After Dark"

After releasing her exciting EP Over The Influence, Mack Davis quickly follows it up with a new concept based music video for a record called “After Dark.” The video carries a horror movie-inspired aesthetic. Mack Davis has gained a reputation for being a playful lyricist locally. Now she brings her vivid yet raw imagery to life in this video.

The video starts off with a news channel reporting a dead body found with a arrow throw it’s chest. The song itself starts off slow pulling the listeners in, setting the tone for her to appear in a Cleopatra like costume pouring a drink and lighting a cigarette. The ode of roses, linen sheets and candles create a seductive setting which soon turns to the dark night where you see Mack Davis following her love interest with a bow and an arrow, finding the right moment to take an aim.


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