#FreshFindsFriday Revolt TV’s Erin Simon Talks Music Artist Do’s & Dont’s in the Digital Age

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We are living in a fast-moving generation. Traditional CDs have been swapped for streaming services. Instagram is the new MySpace. Geotagging is quintessential. And iCloud has yet to make its assurance as hacker-safe.

The way in which we as humans communicate is changing each and every day. From the traditional knock at a prospective mate’s front door to the “hey I’m outside” text, the ways and mediums through which we exchange information are moving and changing at a fast pace. How do music artists adjust to the fast-moivng nature of communication? Are peddling mixtapes at street corners still a thing? Is there a way to contact Diddy, Oprah, and the likes? What technological trends are on the horizon?

Erin Simon, content strategist and Social Media Producer for REVOLT TV, sat down with us and dished on the digital age and how artists can learn to adjust. Check it out below!

SB: Tell us your name and what you do.
E: My name is Erin Ashley Simon and I’m a Social Media Producer for REVOLT TV and a content strategist.

How did you get started in media?
Funny enough, I started media work/blogging because I was bored at 16 lol. I played soccer all of my life so during breaks I was either training, traveling to tournaments or home. So, I created my blog called boxofmess.com and from there, things blew up a bit and I found a passion for it.

What trends have you see come about in the digital age?
Great utilization of social media when it comes to individuals. YesJulz, DJ Khaled and others like them have found a way to capitalize off of social platforms beyond just getting paid to snap or tweet. They’ve shaped their unique brand around platforms. More and more people are starting to do that, including brands.

What app should everyone be using?
Honestly, it really depends on what you are trying to do and what your demographic is. But, for generic purposes, Twitter. Twitter is great for reaching your specific demographic and engaging with them. It develops transparency and that develops brand trust.

How are music and technology interconnected?
Music and technology are so connected, everything from engineering to marketing. Technology is what drives, enhances and magnifies music, more so than ever before.

How can indie artists maximize with using the internet?
Utilizing free platforms to build your fanbase. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and etc to assist with marketing and building your fanbase. Focus on building those loyal fans. Twitter has paid ad opportunities where you can advertise specific tweets toward specific demographics. You have a similar sound as Kendrick? Cool, you can actually target tweets toward his fanbase. If you have solid, quality content, music and etc, utilize social media. It is extra work, sometimes even I am so busy that I have to remind myself to tweet, but that’s one of the best ways to connect with fans, supporters and establish a solid fanbase. Because at the end of the day, it is about play numbers and social numbers for most in the industry.

What are 3 do’s & don’ts for indie artists?

3 Do’s
Network, network, network: Build relationships with writers/bloggers. And I don’t mean the kind of relationship where the only time they hear from you is when you want them to post your song. Actually get to know them, it can open many more doors, more than you would expect.

Do Your Research: Be sure to research companies, people and etc before you meet them or ask to work with them. When you take the time to put in work, others will also give you time. In addition to that, research is key for finding quality engineers and videographers for your work. It takes time sometimes to find the best engineers, publicists and etc.

Always Stay Professional: Whether a music website passes on your song, or doesn’t respond back right away, and etc, always be professional. You never want to lose your professional level because of emotions or some other factor. Because it can make things difficult in the future.

3 Don’t’s

Don’t Send Anything That Lacks Quality: Whether it is your music or music video, make sure everything is of quality. Make sure your music is mixed and mastered properly, videos are shot properly with the appropriate equipment and shots per frame. First impressions are key and the quality of work speaks volumes.

Don’t Rely So Much On Websites For Being The Only Form Of Exposure: Don’t get me wrong, what I do at REVOLT, I love providing a platform for upcoming artists. It is great! But, we aren’t the be all and end all. Getting your music up on websites is part of the battle, but the journey doesn’t stop there. It is an accomplishment to end up on Fader, Complex and etc, no one can take that away from you. But, if you don’t make it up on bigger websites right away that’s ok. Focus on building your fanbase, because trust me, if you build your fanbase and plays big enough and have bigger social numbers, *spoiler alert* the big websites will eventually pick you up. Takes more to build your brand but if you make it up on those websites, you are one step closer :)

Don’t Try To Do Things Solo All The Time: The most successful people got help along the way, whether they were given an opportunity, someone helped them get a job, people rarely get places completely on their own. Make sure to have a solid team of people that support you and believe in you. Publicist, manager, Videographer, Producer, etc. Make sure you have a team that is down for the cause and believes in you. Once you have that, you can do wonders.

How did you establish relationships with different media figures?
Networking, too many times people try to meet big media figures right away. They’ll skip smaller events, or won’t pay attention to “smaller people” because they don’t think it is of benefit. When in actuality, the best way to get to those bigger media figures is based on your relationship with the, in their minds, “smaller people.” So, whenever I go to events, I always try to connect and exchange contact info with at least three people. I never once ignored someone based on status because at the end of the day, you never know who knows who. I just kept it real and actually established a relationship, from there my network grew naturally and organically. Also, the hardwork that I put in was going through the grapevine so, my name was moving from a personal standpoint and from a work standpoint.

What’s next for Erin Simon?
Well, I’m developing new series for REVOLT TV and also I’m developing content for people, brands and companies outside of REVOLT. Just growing bit by bit every day :)

What’s one interview question you’ve never been asked, but you wish you were asked?
What constitutes success at your position?… Success for me in my position is growth. Growth in brand awareness, growth in numbers for content that I develop, growth as a human being, success for me is to look back a couple months from now or even a year to see that I’ve taken another step or even a leap into the direction of my goal.


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