Trinidad James x Mystikal x Lil Dicky #JustALilThick Pop Up Shop Signifies Epic Moment for Pop Culture

IMG 5384 620x349 - Trinidad James x Mystikal x Lil Dicky #JustALilThick Pop Up Shop Signifies Epic Moment for Pop Culture

Last week, Trinidad James dropped a visual for his new single “Just a Lil Thick,” which features Mystikal and Lil Dicky. The jaunty ode to curvaceous females is very original, veering away from today’s atypical fake booty shakin’ that rappers often rely on to make their videos “worthwhile.” “Just a Lil Thick” is raw and unrefined, pointing to every indication that it’s a hit in a marketplace that is imploring for inventiveness.


The DJ Mustard-produced record is comedic and lively with a visual to match. The video features an insane house party filled with full-figured women, red cups, sombreros, fried chicken, and backyard tug-a-war fun. The energetic record is a great introduction to summer, especially with an unforeseen cameo from rap legend Mystikal.

Following the release of the record, Trinidad, Lil Dicky, and Mystikal hosted a #JustALilThick Pop Up Shop at Villain in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Aligning with the #JustALilThick house party theme, the intimate pop up shop was equipped with fried chicken, full-figured performers, lots of liquor, boundless amounts of good music, and incredible performances.


Seeing Mystikal perform was like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs, a sight that rarely occurs. His performance captured the zeitgeist of the late 90s and early 2000s, with a crowd in perfect synchronicity reciting all of his fiery anthems from “Shake It Fast” to “Danger.” His return is invigorating and stands a true testament to “classic music.” His signature gruff and James Brown-like vocals atop dirty south flavored beats is iconic and unmatched. If we pretended that all of Mystikal’s songs never happened and decided to release all of them in 2016, the reaction would remain the same, party-ready bangers for days.

Lil Dicky had the crowd hooting, with his “I’m not really a rapper” puns and jokes. Attendees were stimulated by his performance to “Save Dat Money,” pointing to his ability to invent his own Weird Al-like rap lane. His efforts don’t go unnoticed, as lyrically, Dicky runs laps around many of his rap counterparts.




Trinidad James closed out the show with everyone rocking to “All Gold Everything” and wrapping with “Just a Lil Thick.” His flashy exterior, well-defined by a forest green fedora, striped mesh tee, and gold accessory story, was well-matched with his high-energy performance—a defining moment of true showmanship. His image and implementation is well received. Trinidad shows time and time again that his career never sojourned at “All Gold Everything, ” and that he’s purely a creative eyeing his next music métier whether it means co-songwriting Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk” or redefining body image through positive anthems like “Just a Lil Thick.” Thank you Trinidad James, this song and its video are refreshing and unerringly what pop culture needs right now.


Check out the event recap video below!

In case you missed it, here’s the “Just a Lil Thick” visual!


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