Exclusive Interview: Lil Bibby Talks SC3: The Epilogue, Downtime and the World Beat Battle

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A few weeks back, the annual World Beat Battle took place in Toronto, calling several producers from around the world to go head-to-head on stage. Whether they were beginner producers or been around for a while, competitors travelled from Europe, America and across Canada to participate – and alongside Boi-1da and Southside of 808 Mafia, Lil Bibby served as a judge. We caught up with the Chi-town artist for a brief, but insightful, interview.

Interview by Savannah Britt

What’s going on and what have you been working on?
Well I just finished my [SC3] project. It just dropped about eight days ago. And right now I’m working on my street album. It’s called ‘SC3: The Epilogue.’ It should be out February 5th. And I’m working on a couple of other projects too that I can’t announce.

What are your thoughts on other Chicago up-and-comers like Chance The Rapper? Will you guys be putting in any work in the near future?
Chance I like a lot. I see him doing something. I think it was a coat drive [in Chicago]. I appreciate what he’s doing for the city.

Recently, I know you participated in a competition called Battle of the Beatmakers, and you were a judge. After you heard Little Sister’s beat, it seemed as if the entire beat battle was a blurr to you there on out. What is it that you look for in a beat?
(laughs) It’s just gotta catch you right. It’s gotta catch you quick. I like the beat to catch you as soon as it comes on. I don’t like the beat to start off boring. And the drop gotta be right. Once the drop come, everything gotta be crazy. The mix of the beat gotta be right. The bass… everything.

Did to manage to connect with any of the producers that night, and can you see yourself working with any of them on the future?
Yes. I got a couple of contacts. I actually got some beats from Little Sister (@littlesstr).

Now I have a couple of quick questions for you. Let’s get started. What music is bumping through your aux chord right now?
Right now all I’ve been listening to is old stuff man. Like J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber’s new album.

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What are three things that gotta stay in 2015?
I don’t really know man. I just wanna work a little harder in 2016. Stay busy. Stay working.

What’s your most overused expression?
Yeah I got new ones every week man. (laughs) One of them that I’ve been using lately is, “Say no more.”

What’s the craziest DM you’ve received?
Aw man… you know I can’t tell you that! (laughs)

(Laughs) It’s been going down in the DMs?
It’s been going down. (laughs)

Fill this in for me. Hip-hop in 2015 was…
Future, Young Thug, Drake… They kinda took the year.

When you’re not rapping, what are you usually up to?
When I’m not rapping… I’m thinking of a master plan! I’m usually in the house thinking of my next move.


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