About A Week Ago: Future Hive Goes Wild at Toronto’s Rap Season Show (Photos: Tse Daniel)

Somewhere between DJ Esco returning safely from 56 nights in United Emirates prison, a joint-album with Drake, as well as the release of solo works Beast Mode and DS2, and establishing his own ‘hive’ that rivals Beyonce’s, there’s no doubt that Future has had one hell of a year. To close out the year, at least in Toronto, last week Future took the stage at Sound Academy for one of its last shows before impending renos.

With doors opening at 9PM, and the sold-out venue packed 60 minutes later, energy was high… and so was half the crowd. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the all-ages crowd, Future would only take the stage at 11:45PM. DJ Esco rejuvenated the crowd’s fading energy by playing “Same Damn Time” and “Racks” before the Freebandz artist broke out with “Never Gon Lose.” “I go by the name of Future Hendrix, and I want to take that 6ix side shit to the next level,” he said to the crowd. Despite having backtrack vocals to accompany his every move, the audience head-banged, mosh-pit(ted) and yelled through crowd favourites like “Monster,” “March Madness” and “Trap N**gas.” As the beat dropped to “Where Ya At,” the crowd simultaneously went wild hoping Drake would come out, but the ‘6 God’ was in L.A., and came home later that weekend – instead, DJ Esco hit his signature move across the stage. “Fuck Up Some Commas” was lead by a confetti cannon, and while that would’ve been enough to finish the concert on a high note, Future pushed even further and closed out with “Sh!t” and “Diamonds Dancing.”

While Future puts on a great show, the venue was almost left in a generational gap – young bucks who were raving about how incredible he was, and an older crowd wondering why an established artist still relied on his backtrack vocals. Nevertheless, Future is still a monster.


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