Premiere: Rikki Blu Grabs Strado & Childish Major For Free P Produced ‘Round Here’

image1 620x640 - Premiere: Rikki Blu Grabs Strado & Childish Major For Free P Produced 'Round Here'

Before I get into this track I feel the need to share some words regarding Rikki. I first got familiar with Rikki back in my YHTN days, a mixtape submission that caught my eye, out of that a friendship grew. To this day I have never experienced an artist be so grateful at the fact their music was covered. Several years down the line and we still here, I speak to Rikki occasionally and he always motivates me, he puts me into a better place and one of the very few artists that I can truly say I have a friendship with, it’s way deeper than the music when it comes to Zay.

Right, let’s get too it, I felt like I had to get that off my chest and with that all being said it gives me great pride to deliver his latest single. Born and raised in Dallas but now residing in LA to peruse his music career Rikki is in a good place right now, I know first hand just how much music he has coming and I can’t wait for it. ‘Round Here’ is the perfect kick start. Rikki calls on Strado and Childish Major to feature over some smooth Free P production. The verses are very real, something I know Rikki takes seriously, you can tell the bars come straight from the heart as Rikki tackles the everyday challenges in society. The hook brings the track back down the mellow side and since hearing the record it has been stuck in my head, one sign of a great record.

To wrap up, this track serves as a warm up for Rikki’s Pleasant Grove project which I think we will see at the top of next year, I may be wrong though. The passing of Rikki’s mother is clearly a huge inspiration on his career and I know she will be looking down proud, not only at the quality of his music but the way he presents himself too.


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