Queens MC Joon Jukx Releases Sandra Bland-Inspired “Black Lives Matter”

joon jukx black lives matter 620x620 620x620 - Queens MC Joon Jukx Releases Sandra Bland-Inspired "Black Lives Matter"

South Bronx by way of Queens rapper Joon Jukx sends a strong message with his recent JCorreaBeat$-single “Black Lives Matter” named after the activist movement by the same name. Boi-1da.net reached out to Joon for his thoughts on the record:

“I honestly choose to stay out of most political affairs but I was really touched by the tragic death of Sandra Bland. I chose to use an excerpt from one of her “Sandra Speaks” vlogs to elaborate on the kind of person I perceived her to be; both compassionate and revolutionary… I hope this song does her proud. More than anything that’s all I hoped to accomplish with this track, and who knows maybe this small pebble can set off a ripple change… Small efforts are still efforts.”

Download or stream the song below via SoundCloud.


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