Brooklyn Trio Pen Pals Release Their Self-Titled Debut Album

64955a40ec7e97f31436815047 - Brooklyn Trio Pen Pals Release Their Self-Titled Debut Album

From time to time this game throws a surprise at me, today it done just that as I was introduced to Brooklyn trip Pen Pals. Their debut album was actually forwarded my way five days ago but it accidentally slipped under the radar. I got to it today though and man am I glad I peeped.

New York’s music scene to me, is still one of the strongest, you just have to dig a little deeper than you would of used too. This Brooklyn trio are the perfect example of the talent that can be found in the underground of the big apple. The album has a very nostalgic sound to it, you could say it has your typical NY sound. The production throughout has a very 90’s feel, something that has seemingly gone missing in today’s game. It’s nice to hear this, over the production the trio got busy, I can’t state that enough. These guys can spit and it’s about real shit too. The album comes with one guest feature in Jammi Bass. My personal favourite from the album is ‘R. Crumb’, man these guys went in on that one and that production got me breaking my neck over here. If these three or their manager could get in touch with me it would be appreciated.

Stream the album down below or purchase over here.


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