Fresh Finds Friday: Roosh Williams Talks ‘Unorthodox’, Houston Influence & Working with Scarface

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Houston MC Roosh Williams recently released his highly-anticipated album Unorthodox. The 11-track album includes guest artists Scarface, Emilio Rojas, and GT Garza along with Texas based producers Trakksounds, Lacemode and DaStunnaBeatz. Unorthodox is Roosh Williams’ follow-up to the acclaimed deja Roo: Times Have Changed which Complex Magazine hailed as “one of the top ten Houston Rap Projects of 2013.”

With all the buzz surrounding the Houston emcee, it was only right that I sat down and picked his brain about the project, working with Scarface, and how his hometown influences the music. I bring you the first installment of #FreshFindsFriday! Check out my exclusive interview with Roosh Williams below!

Tell me about Unorthodox and the inspiration behind it.
Unorthodox is a project I made to embrace the fact that I can’t be boxed in as an artist. I have seen a lot of people make attempts to fit in with what they perceive is “cool,” but Unorthodox is a representation of me and the music I like to make, period. The fact that it has been successful further validates my belief in embracing the unorthodox within ourselves.

How did the Scarface collaboration come about?
The Scarface collaboration came about because of an engineer that we mutually work with, Steve-O. We record at the same studio and opportunities were presented that I appropriately capitalized on.

How do you feel about the feedback you’ve received thus far?
I feel great about the feedback. It gives me inspiration to continue down the path that I’m on. As artists, we are very confident in our work, but at the same time, we toil for the appreciation of others. So receiving positive feedback has been incredibly encouraging.

How has Houston influenced your music?
I think Houston has had a small influence on my music. Again, I don’t feel that I can be boxed in as an artist. I take influences from many different regions and genres of music, and Houston is one source of inspiration for me, but not the only inspiration.

Who are your musical inspirations?
I’m influenced by many things. Ultimately it comes down to what you can do with words to create a message, and how you arrange the music to compliment that. Not all of my music is created with the intention of sending a specific message though, as sometimes I make music for fun and entertainment purposes. Whatever is tugging at my emotions on any given day gives me inspiration to talk about it, and that’s how I begin writing.

What should fans expect from you next? (New visuals? New remixes?)
Music videos. I would like to pair some dope visuals with my songs to really bolster my overall image to the audience.

Are there any artists you’d like to get in the studio with?
A lot. Kanye, Kendrick, Eminem, Andre3000, Phonte, Mos Def, Royce Da 5’9, Al Green, Gwen Stefani, Modest Mouse…I could go on and on (laughs)

What’s one interview question you’ve never been asked but wish you were asked?
“Where are the hoes?”

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