Audio: Rashaun Hampton – Love Me (prod. Rashaun Hampton)

rsz z8ghxpb  620x620 - Audio: Rashaun Hampton - Love Me (prod. Rashaun Hampton)

Rashaun came out of nowhere when I first heard of him. His music has really spoke to me over the last few months, the honesty and the creativity are easily the stand out traits of his music. The latest piece is without doubt his strongest yet, a self-produced single that throws you in every direction. The record starts, I was automatically expecting something a little dark and depressing but I couldn’t be any more wrong, the record soon becomes a bouncy track, seeing Rashaun spit with confidence to a certain female who he clearly cares a lot about, whether it’s a girl lost or one by his side who knows, however Rash is clearly in a happy place, that and a focused mindset could really be the mixture of success for him this year, I am rooting for him.


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