Sports: Re-visiting Deion Sander’s Rap Career and whether Jameis Winston Deserve #1? (Opinion)

deion sanders 620x481 - Sports: Re-visiting Deion Sander's Rap Career and whether Jameis Winston Deserve #1? (Opinion)

Revisiting Rap-letes: Deion Sanders’ The Encore Remix — Was It Really That Bad?

Ed. Note: Since I could not find an actual version of the OG Prime Time, I guess we’re stuck reviewing its 2005 “remix” album, which was released for…no real reason. Click on the image below to go to the album’s Spotify. Also, as always, the views and opinions expressed in SOTB’s posts are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect the views of

The Encore Remix - Sports: Re-visiting Deion Sander's Rap Career and whether Jameis Winston Deserve #1? (Opinion)

The early-to-mid-1990s were a great time, in some ways, if you were a rap fan. We got to witness the amazing talents of Biggie and Pac before they were taken. Bone Thugs were all still together and making peoples’ heads spin with their fast raps that actually still were lyrically impressive. G-Funk had made its mark on the industry as a whole. And, you got Deion Sanders to come down and make an album. Again, please note that this album is based off of 2005’s “remix” of the original 1994 version. However, not much changes aside from a word here or there from what I’ve been able to piece together between what’s available of the 1994 version and this one.

Deion’s bars are weaker than SWV’s knees and his guest features tend to outshine him. Yes, even Hammer. The album is kind of the epitome of 1990s “bling rap,” with mentions almost every bar (even on the “reflective” songs) about Prime Time’s money, his cars, his gold, etc. I think we know where Diddy got his real influence from musically. And yes, the album is bad. Yes, it’s that bad. But if you approach it with a lot of salt (read: know that Deion gets waxed every verse he’s on, the beats are generic G-Funk, etc.), you may have some fun–especially with Deion pulling out the Ice JJ Fish voice on “Must Be The Money.” It’s something to potentially listen to when you’re watching the draft and seeing Jameis Winston taken first. Speaking of Jameis and company, the NFL draft is quickly approaching.

Does Jameis Winston Deserve to Be The Top Pick Overall?


While the other pundits are sitting in their cushy chairs bickering over who’s going to be taken in the 5th round at the 18th pick, I want to discuss a bit about whether Jameis Winston is deserving of being the first overall pick this year (like most pundits earlier this year and most of last). Yes, he’s talented. But, he’s a raw talent with an even more raw filter. Seriously, if I were charged with sexual assault and then had the case dismissed, I’d be on my best behavior so something like that couldn’t/wouldn’t happen again. Like, oh, I don’t know, not (allegedly) yelling “f— her right…” in the middle of a student union. But, hey, he’s 21, right? We’re all young and dumb at that age.

While this is true, to a degree, age can’t be the end all “get out of jail free card” for screw-ups. And, if he’s had this much trouble in real-life decision making, I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting him lead a football team. He’ll probably be drafted first, regardless of my thoughts. But, I still am unsure of whether he should be. And, I’ll be the first to tell you: I’m definitely no saint. So, it’s probably more of a reason why I don’t think he should be drafted first overall. But, the NFL isn’t based on character, it’s more skill-driven than anything. So, let’s hope that Mr. Winston has learned from his mistakes and will have a successful career in the NFL and doesn’t completely Leaf it.


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