Exclusive Photo Gallery: OVO & KOTD Present Blackout 5 – Day 1 Recap (Shot By Tse Daniel)

So, while the Grammys are happening and Boi-1da, 40, Vinylz and Nineteen85 all find themselves in L.A. ready for that win, Drake happens to be in Toronto for one of the most epic rap battle weekends the city has ever seen. After a press conference on Friday Night, in which Drake of course put $10K on the headlining battles between Hitman Holla vs Shotty Horroh, as well as Canadians Charron Pat Stay, yesterday marked Day 1 of above-and-beyond incredible talents, the rudest battle lines and unfortunately, one goon that messed up the PPV live stream. Regardless, hit the jump for a recap of some of the best moments of OVO-KOTD Blackout 5 Day 1.

Battle Cards Day : Saturday
Skelly (Toronto, ON) vs. Marv Won (Detroit, MI)
100 Bulletz (Burlington, ON) vs. Chilla Jones (Boston, MA)
Eurgh (London, UK) vs. 24/7 (Ocoee, FL)
Kid Twist (Toronto, ON) vs. Shuffle-T (London, England)
T-Rex (Harlem, NY) vs. Hollohan (Dartmouth, NS)
Arsonal (Newark, NJ) vs. Bishop Brigante (Toronto, ON)
DNA (Queens, NY) vs. Illmaculate (Portland, Oregon)
Shotty Horroh (Machester, UK) vs. Hitman Holla (St. Louis, MO)


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