Exclusive Photo Gallery: Dej Loaf & Fabolous Close Out Kool Haus with Fresh Fest (Shot By Tse Daniel)

As the last hip-hop show before Kool Haus closed their doors forever, Fresh Fest, put on by Rodeo Promo and select others, threw a light on Dej Loaf and Fabolous. But there was a few misteps in this concert – timing, was definitely a major one.

Prior to Dej Loaf taking the stage at midnight, three hours after doors opened and an hour after a few local artists – who I would credit, but weren’t efficient in saying their names, took the stage. The Detroit native made her debut Canadian appearance last Thursday, and despite being known primarily for “Try Me”, a growing fanbase raped her ‘Sell Sole’ EP through and through with the petit but bold emcee for her 30-minute set. Really, she held her own, gained new fans, and may have shined brighter than anyone that night.

Moving forward, an hour later and Fab took the stage. Let it be known that we love Fabolous over here on Boi-1da.net, but Toronto also has a love-hate relationship with the NY veteran. No, it’s not because he hasn’t made smash hits, doesn’t have an extensive catalog or isn’t relatable, it’s because his performances have never been the most time-sensitive. Coming on around 130AM, the crowd was exhausted from standing – remember, the doors opened at 9PM, our subway system closes at 2AM, and people have jobs to go to in the morning. He opened up with “Lituations” and the crowd forgot about their aching feet before the room slowly started to disperse for all the aforementioned reasons. Fab took on his more recent discography, but still managed to perform a track or two like “Breathe”.

The good news? We still have some great pictures.


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