Exclusive Photo Gallery: Ashanti, Snow and More Perform at Flow 93.5’s Big Night in Toronto (Shot by Tse Daniel)

n3r9eu - Exclusive Photo Gallery: Ashanti, Snow and More Perform at Flow 93.5's Big Night in Toronto (Shot by Tse Daniel)

As I listen to Ashanti’s Christmas EP, which by all means is a cheerful listen for any holiday playlist, I’m also trying to find all my old Ashanti music to put back on my iPod. As a part of Flow 93.5FM’s Big Night at The Guvernment, Ashanti took the stage, alongside The Airplane Boys, Tasha the Amazon and A-Game – and well, a very special appearance from Snow. The opening acts took the stage with grace, although the completely packed venue was truly there to see Ashanti. Unfortunately, I missed Tasha The Amazon due to some door issues, but A-Game got the crowd hype despite their mic levels being lower than their backtracks, and The Airplane Boys ended up in and out of the crowd like beasts. However, more excitement nestled it’s way through the crowd as opening acts came and went, Flow 93.5 hosts gave away money, and various other contests were held. It was the equivalent of having a live on-air radio show, except on stage of course.

A little bird told me Snow would be making his way to the stage around 10:30PM, and just like that, he came out to “Informer” – a track most people still can’t decipher and have absolutely no idea what it’s about (snitching, by the way). He performed another select few tracks from his catalog before stepping off the stage to a giddy backstage crowd. As with the acts before him, there was another 20-25 minute break before Ashanti hit the stage. She opened with her classics; “Always On Time”, “What’s Luv” and “Foolish”. I immediately reverted back to my 13-year old self, only wishing Ja Rule could cross the Canadian border and jump on stage. She carried on with tracks like “Down Ass Chick”, “Rock Wit U (Aww Baby)” and “Rain On Me”, but not without taking an assumed shot at an ex and spoke about cheating. “The Way That I Love You”, “Breakup 2 Makeup” and “Good Good” came into play, until Ashanti and her dancers broke into the Azonto on stage, as well as taking a moment to tie up two excited men to their chairs and danced a la Ms. Jackson If Ya Nasty. Ashanti also took time to perform tracks from her 2013 album ‘Braveheart’ including the Rick Ross-assisted “I Got It” and the pipe heavy ballad “The Woman You Love”. Quite frankly, Ashanti’s performance was one that I could see weekly and never get sick of.

Congratulations to Flow 93.5 for a great night!


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