PollyA – Distorted Fairytales (EP)

1zy7khj - PollyA - Distorted Fairytales (EP)

PollyA releases her five song Ep ‘Distorted Fairytales’. ‘Distorted Fairytales’ is not only a dichotomy of words, but also a reality lived and experienced by Singer/Songwriter Polly A. (an abbreviation for Polyamorous). The five song EP shines a light from her point of view on our overall distorted observation of love and the relationships we have with one another. Which is quite the contrary to what society has shaped us to believe it to be.

The songstress sends chills with her heart pinching lyrics of unrequited love from ‘Just A Man,’ and reminds us of the unforgettable feeling of heartbreak when losing both a lover and friend on ‘You (Blowin’ In The Wind)’. ‘Distorted Fairytales’ is a true to experience body of work, highlighting the details in the turbulent voyage of interpersonal relationships, and most importantly, love.


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