Henry Stuart – Slutty Dutches (Mix)

genesis - Henry Stuart - Slutty Dutches (Mix)

With the summer swiftly approaching us it’s time to pull out the drop top and just cruise around listening to good music whilst staring at beautiful women and blowing smoke into the atmosphere. You could go and grab a mixtape, you could go out and buy an album, the choice is yours, but no matter what you do it’s vital you have a couple of mixes in the mix, that type of shit that just goes together perfectly. One I strongly advise you to grab is this impeccable mix from Minneapolis born producer Henry Stuart. Henry who now resides in Philadelphia gives us what I like to cool audio bath salts, that relaxing shit, that layback in the cut and look back on life shit, that layback and have your hand on a beautiful woman’s titties shit, that smoke something and go to a good place shit, this that gold right here.

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The mix is ideal for when you and your boys want to just take a drive, smoke, meet gorgeous women, pretty much it’s fitting for anything the summer throws at you, let shit be forgotten and live for the moment, definitely something I can’t wait to do this summer. If you ain’t the one driving then fuck it, crack open a cold Corona and really get into that zone. The just short of 14 minute mix comes with everything, samples, heavy hitting bass and mesmerising vocals. Henry is someone who I have become a fan of recently, mainly due to applying his own style to his records, rather than try and follow someone else, he really knows how to create that feel good music and for some (including me) it can be the all important thing to get you through some days. I know one thing, when I travel out to Cyprus for my week long party away from home this will definitely be in my set of tracks to get the hype building.


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