Joe Budden Battles The Internet Wrestling Community (Opinion)

Now, I’m not the type to stir the pot (intentionally), but as a wrestling fan, I’ve got to speak on this. As you may know, WWE decided to become even bigger and start its own network. Granted, it’s more Netflix than NBC, but the point is this: the WWE Network allows wrestling fans to get their fix of WWE, WWF, WCW, NWA, ECW, and other federations 24/7. It’s wrasslin’ Valhalla.

Enter Joe Budden, one of the most lyrical artists I’ve ever heard–and one of the most opinionated people I’ve ever seen on Twitter. From jump-offs to sports (and everywhere in between), Budden doesn’t bite his tongue. So, add that trait into a bunch of Budden followers/people Budden follows talking about the launch of the Network and you get this:

Now, we all know wrestling’s a scripted sports. If you don’t? Well, sorry to break kayfabe, but professional wrestling is a scripted sport. If you’re a fan, or appreciate the actual athleticism of it, then the fact that it’s not “all the way” real kind of goes out the window. That’s a diplomatic response. Other Twitter users decided to straight-up go in.

Long story short? The Internet Wrestling Community (colloquially known as the “IWC”), as troll-y as they can be from time to time, they tend to not stand for people speaking ill of “sports entertainment.” So, the next time you think about clowning people that (still) watch wrestling, remember Joe Budden. Also, just remember that I am a Budden fan as well as a wrestling fan, so I’m not speaking on this to turn people against Joe. I just thought it was funny and, as a blogger/reporter of the world of hip-hop and sports, you’ve got to speak on all parts of the world (even the parts involving Stone Cold Stunners).

The Budden/IWC Feud apparently is still going on. Maybe Vince can get a Joe Budden/John Cena match at Extreme Rules.


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