Exclusive Interview: Pusha T Speaks on ‘King Push’ Production, Features & The Neptunes

v3g9qo - Exclusive Interview: Pusha T Speaks on 'King Push' Production, Features & The Neptunes

As he wraps up his Canadian tour and starts a brand new one with 2 Chainz and August Alsina, as well as heading overseas for some solo dates, Pusha T made one thing known – he’ll forever be grindin’. “You know G.O.O.D. Music makes the best records in hip-hop, right?,” Pusha yelled out to the crowd just before (re)stating that My Name Is My Name was the album of the year. So what’s next? had a chance to sit down with Pusha to speak about the production of his next album, what he plans to accomplish, and what fuels his drive. There was a lot of news surrounding The Clipse last month [rumors of a collaboration album that were dispelled just as quickly than they had appeared], but there was no greater news than that of a 20-day studio session with The Neptunes. What got accomplished during those studio sessions?

Pusha T: Oh man, you know, we basically were trying to find a foundation for the album, the new King Push album. Toyed with plenty ideas, and I think that we definitely have a firm understanding of the direction of what the album is, what the album’s gonna be. You know, we gotta go back in as well. Those 20 days was really what I had, the type of time I had simply because I know they were working on some things and were gonna be stationary for a minute, so I just took that. But man, we got a long ways to go. With that being said, where is the direction of King Push going right now?

Pusha T: Geesh…triumphant. Tri-umphant. [laughs] Are you also working with Scott Storch?

Pusha T: No, no, no. Because I was in Miami, yeah, everybody went crazy! I was in Miami and Scott was down there, and of course he’s such a talent [that] anybody who is of his caliber of music, I’m gonna see anyway. I went in there and got some stuff from him as well, and I’m going to toy with some ideas. Who else confirmed on the production list so far?

Pusha T: Nobody! I got beats from Nottz that are incredible…Nottz really comes through from me every time! So I got beats from him. You know, I haven’t seen Ye yet but we’ve been talking, and you know, he tells me he has things up his sleeve. It’s always good, man. Before I get to him, I try to have a good amount of like…demons in my drive so when I play them I can just look at him and be like “Man, now you gotta beat THIS.” I gotta be competitive.

1jx3z7 - Exclusive Interview: Pusha T Speaks on 'King Push' Production, Features & The Neptunes While MNIMN was a very feature-heavy album, is it safe to say King Push will be more production-focused album?

Pusha T: Yeah. I don’t think I’m gonna have features this time, I’mma try not to. When people saw the [MNIMN] tracklisting, they were like “Oh my God, he has so many features!” But I feel like I was really just trying to give people something that I think they’ve never seen from me, like the collaborative efforts, something that just never took place with The Clipse, for real. I feel like my features were strategic. It wasn’t like I was really sharing the platform, all the features were really like hooks. Looking at your visual treatments, music, Country of Pusha clothing line, your work has always had a darker mysterious vibe to it. What fuels that?

Pusha T: Man, I just think that that whole ‘stealth’ mysterious feel of the music is my lane. You know, street music is dark – it has that feeling. It has that face-scrunch feeling or that fear feeling or it has a super emotional truthful, harsh reality feeling, and I feel like that’s when I win – that’s when my content wins. Having knocked out so much in the first month of the year, what else do you have planned for next few months?

Pusha T: It’s a constant recording process. I’m touring; me and 2 Chainz are going on tour in two days for 2 months. I’m hitting all the festivals this summer. You know, I’ll be done touring in March and then we have April, we have May, and then summertime is there. Hopefully I’ll be back here [Canada] soon! Is there anything you plan on accomplishing with King Push that may have no been done with MNIMN?

Pusha T: Oh, no, I feel like MNIMN really accomplished everything. It couldn’t have been better. Like, you gotta to think about it, I was telling people “I have the best album” for so long before it came out, and then I got the push back. I didn’t change my album…but I started hearing everyone else’s albums like [MNIMN is] “Still better…still better…still better…Got it! You don’t have it!” I feel like everything came to fruition.

While King Push still doesn’t have a release date, if there’s anything to be said about this next album, it’s that Pusha T is holding that crown proudly.

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